November 18, 2023

Essential Oils Roundup: 2023 Favourites

If you're looking for natural ways to promote wellness in your everyday life, essential oils might be just the solution you need. These plant-derived extracts have a myriad of benefits that cater to different aspects of your well-being.

In this article, you'll discover the top essential oils for relaxation and stress relief, mental clarity and focus:

  1. Lavender
  2. Ylang-ylang
  3. Chamomile
  4. Peppermint
  5. Rosemary
  6. Eucalyptus 
  7. Lemon

Grab your diffuser and let's delve into the wonderful world of essential oils.

The Top Essential Oils for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Imagine ending your day in a soothing ambiance, infused with calming scents that help you unwind - that’s the magic of essential oils for relaxation and stress relief.


Lavender is a popular aromatherapy choice when it comes to relaxation. Studies suggest that inhaling lavender oil can promote peace of mind, manage sleep trouble, and even alleviate mild pain. You'll often find it used in products designed to promote relaxation and sleep, such as pillow sprays and massage oils. 

If you're feeling stressed or anxious, or just struggling to get a restful night's sleep, consider dabbing a bit of lavender oil onto your wrists, or adding a few drops to your bathwater.

Many people have found this simple activity to be incredibly soothing, and just the act of taking a moment to stop, inhale, and focus on the fragrance can provide a much-needed moment of calm in a busy day. 


Derived from the flowers of the Cananga tree, ylang-ylang is more than just a pleasant scent. This precious oil has a plethora of health benefits that can significantly improve your everyday life. Whether you're feeling anxious or dealing with hypertension, ylang-ylang is there to offer a helping hand.

What is more, ylang-ylang is also widely respected for its potential aphrodisiac qualities, making it an alluring addition to any essential oil collection. The aromatic quality of ylang-ylang is known to have a sedative effect on the nervous system. By calming the mind and body, it promotes feelings of relaxation and helps to alleviate stress.

Ylang-ylang is said to lower blood pressure, proving to be beneficial to those dealing with hypertension. By incorporating this essential oil into your routine, you can help regulate and control this condition. 

Ylang-ylang is a versatile and potent essential oil that can greatly improve your mental, emotional, and physiological wellbeing. Why not add it to your self-care regime and experience its wonderful benefits for yourself?


If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep, or if your mind is constantly racing with stressful thoughts, turn to Chamomile essential oil. A truly transformative element, chamomile is well-known for its calming properties. Not only does it promote better sleep patterns, but it also assists in reducing anxiety and mental stress.

This powerhouse of serenity works by affecting the central nervous system, decreasing your heart-rate and blood pressure resulting in an easier journey to the land of nod.

For those who frequently have tense, knotted muscles, or are struggling with the discomfort of migraines, chamomile oil can also be very beneficial. Including it in your routine can help to alleviate physical discomfort, as it possesses potent analgesic properties. Just apply a few drops of this oil to the affected areas and massage, feeling your discomfort melt away. 

And it's not just about physical or mental stress relief either - chamomile caters to your skin as well, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic constituents. Incorporating chamomile into your skincare routine can result in healthier, more radiant skin. 

Essential Oils for Mental Clarity and Focus 

Brain fog clouding your day? Allow essential oils to light your path to clear thinking and sharp focus.


Brought to life by its high concentration of menthol, Peppermint essential oil is a true oasis of rejuvenation. One whiff of this crisp and invigorating oil can revitalise tired minds, rattling off mental cobwebs and inviting in a crystal-clear flood of concentration and sharpness. 

But peppermint's potency isn't confined to the mental realm. Summon depth from a shallow breath with the cooling nature of peppermint. A natural decongestant, peppermint oil is prominent in aromatherapy for its ability to clear respiratory passages and alleviate respiratory discomfort. 

  • Enhances concentration
  • Promotes clear breathing
  • Stimulates alertness
  • Aids in alleviating headaches

One noteworthy contribution of Rosemary is its ability to increase alertness.

The crisp, invigorating scent of this essential oil has been found to stimulate mental activity and promote clarity. In fact, just the aroma of rosemary oil can help you concentrate, making it a favourite for students and professionals alike.

So, the next time you're struggling with a complex task or preparation for an exam, consider diffusing some rosemary oil in your workspace. 


A powerhouse in the world of essential oils, Eucalyptus isn't just for clearing a stuffy nose. It is also known for its capability to enhance mental clarity. If you're feeling lethargic, unfocused, and your mind feels foggy, this potent oil might just do the trick.

 With its distinctively refreshing and cool fragrance, Eucalyptus essential oil can cut through the fog, clear your mind and get those cognitive gears turning. 


Regarded as the 'sunshine oil', the uplifting and invigorating scent of Lemon essential oil can stimulate mental clarity and help improve concentration, it can reduce mental fatigue and uplift your mood with its vibrant, zesty aroma.

It's crisp, bright aroma aids in reducing stress and anxiety, which in turn, allows for clear thinking. If you're in the middle of a creative block or simply need to stay focused for a long period, diffuse lemon oil in your space.

As the pleasing scent wafts around, you'll find those grey clouds clearing up, paving the way for a fresh wave of lucidity and focus. 

Harness the Power of Essential Oils 

In summary, essential oils offer us a natural and effective gateway to relaxation, stress relief, mental clarity, and focus.

Whether it's calming lavender, sensual ylang-ylang, soothing chamomile, invigorating peppermint, sharp rosemary, refreshing eucalyptus, or energising lemon – each carries a unique profile of benefits to enhance our wellbeing.

So, why not incorporate these precious oils into your daily routine?

Immerse in their remarkable aromas, uncover their benefits and allow your senses to guide you on a journey of wellness and rejuvenation.

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