September 29, 2023

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy & Happy with Essential Oils

As a devoted parent, nothing compares to the joy of witnessing your children grow up healthy and happy. Yet, despite your tireless efforts, they may occasionally fall prey to illnesses, leading to discomfort and worry within your family. The good news? Essential oils have emerged as a natural, powerful tool to enhance their immunity and expedite recovery. 

Essential oils serve as a precious ally in nurturing your children's well-being. Their integration into your daily routine can contribute significantly to maintaining the health and happiness of your little ones. And it's as easy as one, two, three. 

Essential oils can be used to support the health and well-being of children in a variety of ways, from promoting relaxation and sleep to boosting immunity and easing digestive issues.
- Dr. Eric Zielinski

Are you ready to take the next step? Allow us to introduce our specially curated kids' kit. This kit has six unique essential oil blends: Brave™, Calmer™, Rescuer™, Steady™, Stronger™, and Thinker™. Each blend is meticulously balanced to deliver specific therapeutic benefits tailored to your child's needs.


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that preserve the natural aroma and benefits of the plants they are derived from. These oils have been used for centuries in traditional medicine due to their therapeutic and healing properties. When used correctly, essential oils can be a powerful tool in promoting overall health and well-being.


How Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils interact with the body's limbic system, which controls emotions and mood. Inhaling essential oils can help improve mood and promote relaxation. They can also be absorbed through the skin to promote healing. 

With our accessible kids kit, you can roll these blends onto your child's wrists or feet or apply them to their neck or back after a long day at school or before bedtime. These easy-to-use blends will leave your little one feeling calm, confident, and focused throughout the day. 


Brave Blend

Suppose you're looking for a natural way to manage feelings of occasional stress and promote courage and confidence. In that case, the Brave™ Courage Blend is an excellent choice. This powerful blend of essential oils has been carefully selected for their unique properties that work together to support a positive mood and help your kids to face life's challenges confidently. 

With its uplifting aroma and gentle effects on the body, the Brave™ Courage Blend is perfect for anyone looking to overcome fear or self-doubt and feel more empowered daily. So when they need a little boost of courage, this superb blend will surely deliver the results you're looking for.


Calmer Blend

The Calmer™ Restful Blend is an excellent choice for anyone looking to promote a good mood and create a restful atmosphere for sleep. This unique blend of essential oils has been specially formulated to help calm the mind and body, allowing you to relax and unwind after a busy day. 

With its soothing aroma, the Calmer™ Restful Blend is perfect for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. Whether your child struggles with insomnia or needs extra help relaxing at night, this excellent blend is all they need.


Rescuer Blend

Suppose you're looking for a natural way to reduce tension and provide comforting support to your little ones' skin. In that case, the Rescuer™ Soothing Blend is an excellent choice. 

With its calming aroma and nourishing effects on the skin, the Rescuer™ Soothing Blend is perfect for stress or discomfort. Whether they are dealing with sore muscles or need a moment of relaxation, this product is guaranteed to help them out. 


Steady Blend

The Steady™ Grounding Blend is a powerful tool that can help elevate feelings of calmness and balance anyone's mood. These beautiful essential oils promote emotional stability and balance. 

With just a few drops, your children can experience the benefits of this fantastic blend and feel more centred and grounded throughout your day. So whether they're dealing with stress or anxiety or simply looking to enhance their overall well-being, the Steady™ Grounding Blend is an excellent choice for anyone seeking more outstanding emotional balance and stability.


Stronger Blend

Suppose you're looking for a natural way to promote healthy skin while providing emotional support during distress. In that case, the Stronger™ Protective Blend is an excellent choice. 

With its unique combination of powerful aromas, the Stronger™ Protective Blend can help soothe emotions and protect skin from environmental stressors. So whether you're child is dealing with a challenging situation or wants to enhance the health of their skin, this fantastic blend is where you should be investing.


Thinker Blend

The Thinker™ Focus Blend is a powerful tool to help prevent mental distraction and promote alertness and focus. This blend of essential oils has been carefully formulated to deliver the perfect balance of aromas that work together to enhance cognitive function. 

Does your child struggle to stay focused and productive throughout the day? The Thinker blend is for you!


Discover the Magic of Essential Oils for Kids 
In conclusion, essential oils offer many benefits for kids, from boosting immunity to improving sleep and easing anxiety. Research and choose pure, high-quality oils from a reputable source when purchasing essential oils. 

Then, start slowly with just one or two oils and observe how your kids react before adding more into the mix. Whether you diffuse them in the air, apply them topically, or ingest them in small amounts, essential oils are a safe and natural way to support your family's health and well-being. So why not give them a try? Your kids will thank you for it!

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