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When you spend over £150, you will be able to join our team. You'll also get access to up to wholesale pricing (25-55% off!) The best way to do this is through one of our starter kits which can be found below.

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Starter Kits

Become a Coach

Influence others to develop healthy habits and adopt a wellness lifestyle. When you buy a starter kit, we will get you started as a wellness advocate with all the knowledge you need to start your full or part time business earning commission from dōTERRA.

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Let us help you

Embrace the digital lifestyle

Work from home, phone, outdoors, remotely, and abroad

Find your way to financial flexibility

Income varies depending on effort (can result in 6 figure earnings)

Earn dōTERRA products for FREE

Improving health (emotional and physical)

Impact humanity for the better

Sharing the natural solutions lifestyle

Receive professional training

Taught by a leading mental health expert and top industry earner

Receive unlimited free mentorship

Thrive in the digital world and be social media savvy

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