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Introducing the unique collection of essential oil blends designed for little ones - the doTERRA Kids Collection. Developed with developing minds, bodies, and emotions in mind, these blends feature powerful benefits while being gentle on delicate skin.

The kit includes six essential oil blends: Brave™, Calmer™, Rescuer™, Steady™, Stronger™, and Thinker™. Each blend is therapeutically balanced to provide specific benefits tailored to your child's needs.

  • Brave™ Courage Blend supports a positive mood by helping manage feelings of occasional stress while promoting courage and confidence.
  • Calmer™ Restful Blend promotes a stress-free mood and creates a restful atmosphere for sleep.
  • Rescuer™ Soothing Blend helps reduce feelings of tension and provides comforting support to the skin.
  • Steady™ Grounding Blend raises feelings of calmness and brings balance to mood.
  • Stronger™ Protective Blend promotes clear and healthy-looking skin while providing soothing emotional support during distress.
  • Thinker™ Focus Blend helps prevent mental distraction and promotes alertness and focus.

Roll these blends onto your child's wrists or feet or apply them to their neck or back after a long day at school or before bedtime. These easy-to-use blends will leave your little one feeling calm, confident, and focused throughout the day.

Give your child natural support with the doTERRA Kids Collection today!

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    Sara Perry
    Beautiful oils sourced in an incredible way!

    "Absolutely love their oils and the way they are sourcing them across the globe.You just instantly notice the difference in quality when you open a bottle of their oils. We have had some amazing experiences with these oils to support our health and wellbeing!"

    Tracey Smith
    Excellent customer service and Quality Oils

    "Excellent customer service, I can not fault them, always extremely helpful anytime I have phoned, what a fantastic service. I also love the quality of the oils I had not experienced such purity and potency before I tried doTERRA."

    Aideen Jones
    Highly recommended!

    "I’ve been using DoTERRA for 7 years and find the quality & potency of their oils to be excellent. I love the humanitarian work this company does. I also like their ethos to support growers & distillers directly in many developing countries."

    Adam Parker
    Life-changing products

    "These life-changing products have helped me and my family manage our health naturally especially during the past year. We enjoyed the products so much that we joined to take advantage of discounted prices and the opportunity to get free products."